Starting a YouTube channel as an introvert is a little strange

Starting a YouTube channel as an introvert is a little strange

To get my art out into the world, I decided to try a YouTube channel. This is very strange territory for me. Two years ago, I had no desire to put myself out there in such a public way. I am a card-carrying leader of the introvert movement. 🤣 


So, why am I now doing this on purpose? I can’t say why I all of a sudden have this courage to hit record on the camera and show my face. My family and friends are probably thinking, “What the heck! Who are you?” 


I truly think it is my art. Creating all this stuff has given me the confidence to put myself out there. Is it still nerve-wracking to display my creations and hit publish? You better believe it is. But I still do it. 


Even knowing that my videos right now suck, I still hit publish. I hope that I will improve with each one. Improve my on-screen delivery. Improve my editing skills. Improve my thumbnail pictures and titles. If I can just improve a little each time, video number 50 will finally be one that I can be proud of. 


Am I being a downer and too hard on myself? I don’t think so. All first-time YouTube creators talk about how bad their first stuff is. I just embrace the fact that I am growing as a person and as a creator the more I put myself out there. 


My plan right now is to continue sharing my art life. What it’s like putting my art out into the world, how I'm doing it, and the results. But, just as my art has evolved, I’m sure my videos will evolve. Where will it lead me? Who knows? I am looking forward to it though. 


I have been watching a ton of popular YouTube creators as I started seriously considering this new venture. The best advice that most of them give is to ignore the stats and just keep creating. As long as you are having fun, just keep going. That’s the same way I have looked at my art. I don’t worry about social media likes, sales, or comments. I just keep having fun and keep creating. 


As I’m writing this, I’m hopeful in waiting for the results of two online art contests I have entered. These didn’t bother me like the in-person art contest I entered a few weeks ago. The art is being displayed to a faceless audience by a faceless artist. But simultaneously, it would be so cool to be recognized. If not, I don’t care that much. Just keep going. 


If you have a passion for anything and have fun doing it, keep going and ignore everything else. Live the life you want, no matter what anyone says. Especially those internet trolls. 😃


You can check out my channel here:

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